A Little Assist to my Fellow Dudes

Here you go, fellas.

If you're anything like me, the idea of finding that perfect Mother's Day gift freaks you out a little bit. In an effort to save you guys some major sweat and moments of self-doubt, I'm offering to help make your gift decision an easy one. 

On Saturday, May 9th, I will be posted up at a yet-to-be-determined location capturing some unforgettable lifestyle photos of moms and their kids. And, for ONLY $60, you can add the amazing woman in your life to that list! 

Problem solved!

In addition to making your wife/mom/other important lady friend feel like a supermodel in front of a camera for 25 minutes, here's what else you can expect to get for your $60:

  • 10-12 edited images worthy of prime real estate on the walls of your home
  • A third-party print release, so you can have these images turned into prints/canvases
  • The satisfaction of knowing you just gave your special lady a gift she will be able to gaze upon and appreciate til the end of time
  • Brownie points for being super thoughtful.

Space is extremely limited, so the sooner you book, the better. Just click here and you're on your way. Since this is first-come, first-served your non-refundable (except in the most extreme cases) $60 will be due upon booking and time slots will be filled in the order reservations are received.